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Introduction to The Taiwan Research Center of  Xiamen University

The Taiwan Research Center of Xiamen University is a research entity jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC in 2000. Based on Xiamen University and oriented to the frontiers of the discipline, the Center is selected as the key research base of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education and the member of high-end think tank alliance of the Ministry of Education . Committing to Taiwan issue research, it keeps a wide collection of Taiwan-based research experts and scholars and thus be nationally acknowledged as a key research base and an excellent core think tank with function such as academic research, policy advice, consulting services, public opinion guidance, personnel  cultivation, and academic exchanges, playing the role of "think base" "information base" and "talent pool" in the course of cross-strait relations development and national unification.

As a research entity, the Center implements the director responsibility system under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and under the leadership of Xiamen University. The current  director of the center is the former deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC, the current vice president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait(ARARTS), Professor SUN Yafu. The deputy directors are Professor PENG Li and Professor TANG Yonghong from the Graduate Institute for Taiwan Studies of Xiamen University(GIfTS). The Center has more than 30 researchers, and the majority are the foundation and core strength of the national "985 Project" Taiwan Research Innovation Base, the "2011 Plan" National Cross-Strait Relations Peaceful Development Collaborative Innovation Center , and the second batch of national high-end think tank nurturing units.

Since its establishment, the Center has actively played a role of think tank. The scholars have closely followed the situation in Taiwan and grasped the trends of cross-strait relations for a long time. Under different background, the Center has concentrated on major issues including but not limited to the theory and practice of "peaceful reunification, one country two systems", the struggle of "anti Taiwan independence and anti secession ", the promotion of peaceful development of cross-strait relations and the integration of cross-strait economic and social development over time. Devoting to basic, strategic, and forward-looking research on these major theoretical and practical issues urgently needed by authorities, the Center has further actively put forward targeted and operational policy recommendations, which repeatedly won the affirmation of the party and state leaders.

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